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If you want to have a successful business, then you need to invest in advertising. Getting your brand known, attracting customers, making brand associations, reaching new markets, coming up with strategies and so on are all very important things. However, not every business owner can afford to pay for advertising, especially small business owners. Luckily, there are ways of finding loopholes in the system and getting free advertising.

We will mention though that these types of free advertising may not be as successful as campaigns set up by professional advertising companies employed by larger businesses that can afford to invest a lot of money in their images. But since you must be the owner of a small or medium-sized business, you aren’t even interested in what the big leagues do and how they do it; you are no competition for them and they may not even be competition to you because you function on entirely different levels, or have different products or services to offer. Here is what you can do to get free advertising:

  • Become an expert – It is in your best interest to know everything there is to know and then some about the type of business you run. Use this expertise to write about the business; you can write articles that can then be published in newspapers, journals, newsletters, popular websites and blogs and so on. In them, you can also mention the name of your own business, thus associating it with the wide-spread article. You could even start up your own blog where you offer advice and information to people like you, and use that avenue to promote your own business. Some people write books, and if you feel you have what it takes to write one too and if you have something new to say, then why not give it a try? Moreover, after publishing an article, you can add it to the company’s portfolio, and even send it to prospective business partners or customers.
  • Become a public speaker – Again, if you have a lot of experience in your business, perhaps you can share that with others, and while you’re at it make collections and relations. There are many organizations looking to find public speakers for their workshops and presentations, and if you can come up with an interesting and useful subject you can be among them. Of course, this means you have to be comfortable with something like this; if you are, the possibilities are endless, and your business can have quite a lot to gain. You can talk about your own business in passing, you can give it as an example, or you can set up a raffle at the end of the presentation, asking for each person’s business card for the draw. The winner can receive products related to your business and you get the contacts of many people that can help you in the future while you advertise your company’s name and features.
  • Rewarded referral – This is actually one of the best ways to get free advertising and many businesses employ it, from the smallest to the largest. You offer an incentive to your present customers if they bring in new ones, or recommend you to others. The incentives could be some of your products, personalized objects like hats, t-shirts, pins or mobile phone cases with your logo; you could also set up this type of advertising online, where people meet on social networks and discuss anything. This means investing a bit of money, but if you offer products that are surplus anyway there is nothing but gain awaiting you. Think of a good strategy to put your plan into practice and you will see how many new customers you attract.
  • Make your own newsletter – If you are already connected to the Internet and have followers, you can set up a newsletter where you let people know about new offers, products, promotions and so on. This basically costs you nothing, and you can write these texts yourself; people will receive them on e-mail and some of them may actually show up to take advantage of the latest incentive. More and more people will find out about your business because a lot of it goes on online nowadays.

These are a few tips to help you get free advertising; remember that the Internet is your best ally nowadays, so you don’t necessarily have to invest in commercials, brand reinforcement, surveys and so on. By setting up your own website, blog or forum you invite a lot of people from different target markets to find out about you and thus increase your customer number.

May 2022