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When it comes to discussing business, agriculture is the domain that has always dominated mankind. Ever since immemorial times, since we learned how to tame nature in our favor and grow foods that we liked, agriculture has been in constant development. For over half a century now and even earlier than that, people have started questioning the future of our species seeing how more and more people are born with each generation and our needs for food have grown. Today, there are over six billion people on the planet, and we are expected to reach 7 billion by the end of this century. This means that scientists and not only them are preoccupied with producing more food for the masses.

A result of this need is the fact that this seems like the ideal time to get careers in agriculture; add to that the fact that more and more people feel constrained by their 8-hour a day desk jobs and you’ve got the perfect setting for career changes. In many parts of the world, governments encourage people – and especially young people – to start considering careers in agriculture and furthering their studies in this field. There is not only a need for more food, but for new techniques and methods of growing it as well. New technologies such as hydroponics and aquaponics are in full development, and are even implemented in certain places. They allow for a faster growth of food stuffs and can actually consume fewer resources to produce that food.

With methods such as aquaponics for example, a farmer can grow vegetables, fruits and fish in the same connected system. The fishes get fed, and the water left behind them becomes the perfectly nutritious environment for the plants, who then clean the water of impurities which would otherwise be harmful for the environment. In that respect, aquaponics is the perfect tool for the future, especially with all our environmental concerns and the global warming. As you can see, it is perfectly explainable why more and more countries are interested in creating careers in agriculture for their youth.

The European Union has actual projects involving the development of agriculture throughout the continent, and less developed countries can receive nonrefundable funds which they can invest to that effect. All you have to do is come up with a project and an idea. You can, for example, wish to grow berries, which are not only in great demand, but are also quite expensive on the market. You then come up with a project and formulate it and sent it to the concerned parties. If your idea is good enough, but especially if your idea will have uses for the society, then you have big chances to get the funds and start your business.

Of course this doesn’t mean that getting careers in agriculture is easy, but it is easier than before and it is possible for more people. Furthermore, you get to do something that actually matters and has a direct positive effect on your community and the world you live in.

May 2022