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Golf is an elegant and sophisticated sport, with a behavior that is adequate for business and many deals have been sealed on the golf course and many partnerships were born with the club in one hand and shaking the other. If you are a golf fan and you want to mix this soothing sport with the business you make, here is what you should learn if you want to bring your business partners on the golf course.

Choose your partners wisely

It is very important who you decide to play golf with, therefore, choose persons who can become your possible partners or clients. Be open minded and take the best out of any discussion and experience on the golf course. Business partners can come out of places you never expected and you must select those whom you want to work with. Showing up at the golf course alone offers you the possibility to get to know people, engage in conversations that will allow you discover what type of persons they are and how you can handle them.

Know your interests

Start the conversations with random subjects, other than business so that you will not seem desperate and overwhelming. On the way, ask questions that will make them share information about themselves and their work. Show interest in how they play and offer them advice on how they can improve their game skills with the help of a rangefinder, for example. Explain them how this device can help them achieve more accurate shots by calculating the distance from the ball to the hole, and you will gain their trust and friendship. If you want to close a business deal and you have a budget for protocol expenses, you could actually give your business partners rangefinder gifts. If you read the reviews on, you will see that there are some models that are really affordable. This is the type of gift that could sweeten the outcome of a business deal.

Be on time

If you have invited your clients or partners to a golf game, or if they were the ones inviting you, make sure you arrive on time to show them you value their presence and always keep your appointments. This makes you look like a person who is worth to trust.

Don’t be too competitive

Remember you are here for doing business, not winning the local tournament and destroying their ego, therefore, focus on the conversation more than on the game itself. Keep a friendly attitude, flatter them when they obtain a good strike and encourage them when they miss. However, try not to get yourself defeated thinking that this will pursue your golf partner to become a business partner as well, because no one wants to have contact with fake people. Also, never cheat, as it will make you look like an untruthful person and no one will want you neither as a client nor a friend.

August 2022