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When it comes to small cargo businesses, it can be rather difficult to keep up with the market requirements and expand shipping possibilities, without investing a large amount of money. If you own a transport business yourself, and you would want to provide your customers with extensive services, including worldwide delivery options, then you are probably looking for the most convenient solution at the moment. International shipping usually implies a financial commitment, which as a small company you cannot afford, so the chances of losing business to similar but larger companies are very high. Well, nowadays, you have the amazing opportunity to join a forwarder network, which will allow you to implement international shipping with low costs and increased convenience. However, once you start searching for a logistics network, you will see that the selection of options is fairly extensive, so it may seem hard to decide on the right one. Consider the following details during your selection process, and you might just make the best choice possible:

Global coverage

First, you need to ensure yourself that the organization you decide to work with does truly include all continents and countries you are interested in. Because you are becoming a member of such a network to expand your shipping possibilities, make sure right from the start that the global coverage offered by the organization you decide on is one that suits the particular demands and needs of your business. Research this detail, and only then you can move on to the next important criteria.

Number of members

One thing you should know, when it comes to logistics networks, is that the more members it has the more benefits it will offer you. Because you are practically receiving support from businesses similar to yours, while offering the same assistance in return, choose a network with sufficient members, which has gained stability and will allow you to implement worldwide shipping without inconveniences.


Last but not least, find out every single detail about the organization before deciding to become a member. Does the network have a good reputation? What advantages do they offer in particular? You can find out all you need to know about a logistics network simply by researching online, or contacting some if its members. Look into the details, which may not seem relevant at first, but can make a difference in the long run, such as annual meetings, cargo tracking systems or other useful tools you can have access to.

Because joining a logistics network could be the push your business needed to become more successful, and thus more profitable, it is extremely important to choose the right one. If you take into consideration these details during your selection process, you will manage to select a freight network that can provide you with all the benefits you desire. Start looking for offers, do sufficient research on the topic, and you will come across the option that suits your business’ interests best and that will allow you to increase your number of clients and thus increase profits.

January 2022