How can you fight LGBT discrimination at work?

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Even if people state that they accept that people have different sexual orientations, numerous bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender persons deal with harassment and discrimination in their workplace. It does not matter what gender identity or sexual orientation, you have the right to be treated the same as any other employee. It is both disturbing and troubling to see that someone experiences a mistreatment for their gender presentation or sexual orientation. The LGBT community is dealing with multiple challenges when it comes to finding a workplace. They are harassed and discriminated in multiple ways, and it is important you to identify these scenarios and to fight for your rights.

Examples of LGBT harassment and discrimination

Offensive stereotyping or terms

People part of the LGBT community often face with derogatory terms or bullying, and there are times when they are victims of this behaviour at their workplace. You should not accept this type of behaviour, no matter if it comes from a supervisor, a co-worker or a customer. If you experience this situation they you should consult a specialist in LGBT discrimination San Diego, because they can offer you advise on how to deal with this situation.

Denial or termination of opportunities

There are companies that wrongly terminate the working contract or take other improper actions against a worker, because they are part of the LGBT community. There are times when employers pass over an LGBT person when it comes to a job, or they fire them from their job, because they state their preferred gender on their application. Also, there are situations when LGBT persons deal with denial of benefit because they have certain sexual preferences.

Sexual assault

This is the worst case of discrimination or harassment people can experience at a workplace. When someone identifies themselves as part of the LGBT community, they are victims of rape, battery or sexual assault. Even a threat can be considered sexual assault, so it is advisable to get in touch with professionals if this is your case.

Are there any solutions?

When it comes to the workplace, it is important the leader of the company to create the solutions, the members of the LGBT community to not deal with harassment and discrimination.


There are times when people discriminate their co-workers unintentionally, and this can be prevented with the right training. People can learn how not to make comments that make other people feel marginalized. Training is the right tool to use when it comes to helping people gaining empathy and understanding.

Protective policies

Companies can ban discrimination if they develop their own policies. If a company develops a protective policy for LGBT employees, then they will feel safe, and the other co-workers will understand that they are equal and they have to treat them accordingly. Companies should have zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination.

Support organisations

 There are organisations and institutions that offer support to the persons who have difficulties at their workplace because of their sexual orientation or gender identification. They send a clear message to the community they are part of, and they help LGBT members integrate and perform at their workplace. 

August 2022