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If you are new in the industry, most probably you are pretty meticulous when it comes to food safety. This happens oftentimes before the grand opening, since there will be many bodies responsible for food safety that will be passing your restaurant’s doorstep. You must pass some rigorous inspections, as well as plenty health code inspections. Needless to say, you must familiarise yourself with all the requirements in the industry. But let’s see what it takes to follow all those regulations when it comes to food safety in a restaurant.

1. What is “food safety?”

Food safety is that element when operating a restaurant that will allow you to open the establishment in the first place, and afterwards running it. In order to receive the approval to function, each restaurant must follow strictly those codes. There are also periodic controls of the same bodies and if the restaurant ceases to follow those regulations at a point in time, whether it is when it comes to the aspect of the kitchen, whether it is when it comes to the quality of their prosessutstyr, the approval to function will cease.

2. Pay attention to your suppliers

No matter how high you food safety standards are, if your suppliers don’t follow those just as strictly, you will also be sanctioned. Make sure to collaborate with suppliers which invest plenty in maintaining their food fresh. For instance, especially when we’re talking about fish products such as fish, it is important that the factory which processed the food to have a high-tech linjelønsinger til laks og hvitfisk. This will assure you that all the products are fresh, properly processed, and that you won’t expose your business and yourself to various food safety related dangers.

3. Why is food safety so important in the restaurant industry?

There are many considerations that must be taken into account when it comes to food safety. Understanding that there are plenty of food borne illnesses that can be caused by contamination, and in many cases, those illnesses might become fatal, is crucial. There are plenty of contamination sources and some of the most life-threatening are viruses, bacteria and even chemicals. Food may be contaminated during the life of the living source, processing, transportation and ultimately, in the restaurant itself. This is why collaborating with a reliable company that has high food safety standards and the necessary equipment that can assure food safety is necessary. In terms of actions that you could do in order to assure high food safety standards, start by imposing a uniform for all employees, prohibit leaving the premises with it on, and designate different areas for the preparation of different food types.

These are some of the action that can be taken in order to prevent food contamination, remain in the restaurant industry and enjoy high levels of popularity in the branch. Choose your suppliers wisely and you can be sure that you’ll pass all examination.

January 2022