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If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. A motto millions of people all over the world live their lives by every day, without even realising it. Particularly in the business world, it is common, natural and to some extent logical to follow this particular way of thinking.  After all, if any specific business process seems to be running just fine as it already is, what’s the point in trying to change it?

Well, the simple answer is that when it comes to business – not to mention many other areas of life – ‘just fine’ are always be improved upon.  To look at things another way, why settle for ‘just fine’ when you could instead target something truly outstanding?  This is often what makes the difference between a business that simply ticks over at a steady pace and one that thrives.  As in the latter bracket are never content with ‘good enough’ and are always striving for more.

Which is precisely where 3M preferred convertors and bespoke adhesive manufacturers in general come into the equation.  Particularly for those working in manufacturing capacities, it is very easy to become somewhat complacent and set in your ways.  The reason being that if you are manufacturing something that is successful and doing so in a manner that is reasonably efficient, reliable and cost-effective, you’d be forgiven for thinking there is no real area (or requirement) for improvement.  But at the same time, if you are looking to really take your business to the next level, bringing bespoke adhesive products into the manufacturing process really can make an extraordinary difference.

Not convinced?  Here are just five of the many indications that your business really could benefit significantly, by adopting the latest bespoke adhesives from a reliable manufacturer:

1 – You Want to Speed Up Production

First and foremost, if there was a way of speeding up the production process without in any way impacting overall product quality, chances are 100 out of 100 manufacturing business owners would do exactly that.  Which is precisely what switching to the right adhesive products can do.  Whatever alternative you are currently using – mechanical fixings, welding etc. – adhesives that are built for purpose can make the manufacturer process exponentially quicker.  And they can do so while effectively improving the overall quality of the products you are putting out.  Whichever way you look at it, these amount to the kinds of priceless benefits that are impossible (or at least unwise) to overlook.

2 – You Want to Reduce Product Weight

In any manufacturing capacities, keeping the weight of the final product to an absolute minimum represents a real priority.  This could be to do with facilitating easier logistics, or simply the way in which the end buyer would prefer the products to be as light as possible.  In any case, moving away from manual fixings and using high quality adhesives as an alternative is a great way of going about the job.  Compared to things like standard screws, bolts, brackets and so on, adhesives like custom adhesive tape add practically zero additional weight to your final products.  They are also significantly easier to handle in general.

3 – You Want to Save Money on Joining Methods

And not only are the easier to handle, but on a join-for-join basis, you could also save an absolute fortune by switching to custom adhesive products.  The more items you manufacturer and assemble on a daily basis, the bigger the savings could be with the right adhesive.  It’s not as if Manual fixings are particularly expensive these days, but even so, the right adhesive product could still work out exponentially cheaper, amounting to enormous savings over the long-term.

4 – You’re Concerned About Health and Safety

A quick point but an important point nonetheless, high quality adhesives can be manufactured in such a manner that they are comprehensively safe to handling use in pretty much any environment.  As such, the right adhesive for your manufacturing needs could make a real difference to health and safety, while at the same time optimising the manufacturing process through simple ease of application.  There’s also a little to no learning curve involved, when it comes to the use of high quality adhesives.

5 – You Haven’t Yet Tried It Out

Last but not least, while it’s always difficult to break long-term habits in the business world, this is one change from which there is often no going back.  In most instances, a leading bespoke adhesive company will be more than happy to provide you with samples and prototypes, in order for you to try them out for yourself and see exactly what they can do.  You’ll either be blown away or not particularly impressed, but in either case there is absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out for yourself.

And should you find that custom adhesives really are the way forward for your business, you might find yourself wondering how you ever got by without them.


September 2021