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Almost everyone wants to be in business for themselves; the rest already are, or have highly paid jobs so they’re not interested in something else. However, in order to be an entrepreneur you have to come up with something new, something that gains you a large chunk of target market that is interested in your products, services or strategy. If it only were that easy, everyone would have their own business or businesses. All we can do is learn from our betters, and ask ourselves what they did differently. There are many famous entrepreneurs in the world, from all domains and industries; some are more glamorous, others aren’t visible at all. But the knowledge is, which is why those people managed to make their dreams come true.

This isn’t to say that all famous entrepreneurs are good role models, but there is something to learn from all of them. Take Bill Gates for example: he started his company from his garage after he quit college. Never finishing your college education is not a recipe for success, because let’s face it: not everyone has Bill Gates’ genius in matters of computers. What you can learn from him however is that it pays of to follow your dream, even if you have to make certain sacrifices along the way. It is much better to fail trying, then to wonder for the rest of your life what could have been. A similar model is Mark Zuckerberg, the young man who invented Facebook in his college years as well. Take note that he only quit school after his business started working very well and could prove to be successful.

All famous entrepreneurs have a success story, and each of them will probably be able to come up with some enlightening advice that worked for them. What you have to realize is that what works for someone won’t necessarily work for another so, like the old saying goes, don’t put all your eggs into one basket. The most important thing is where you start. Most successful entrepreneurs started with something they loved doing, something that was their passion or simply something they were very good at. Such an example is Coco Chanel, who started from almost nothing; true, she was aided by her rich husband, but her entrepreneurial ideas were her own. She knew how to apply them and soon created an empire of perfumes and cosmetics.

Steve Jobs is another of the famous entrepreneurs that knew not only what he wanted to do, but how to present his products as well. His Apple presentations are famous worldwide and everyone praised his ability to see into the future and selling it piece by piece to his customers. Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart are two powerful women who knew their strengths and played on them; both started rather small but later expanded their empires. Today, Oprah isn’t known only for her TV program, but for her books, magazines, charity organizations, films and many others.

What we can learn from these famous entrepreneura is that you have to believe in your idea before anyone else does; when you do, you can convince anyone else as well, and your dreams will turn reality. Indeed, it pays off to have connections, but you don’t have to limit yourself to expensive products or services. You can be a successful entrepreneur by providing for normal people as well, you just have to figure out what they want before they do. Take these success stories as lessons, but don’t take them as guidelines that have to be followed exactly; that would be the exact opposite of what some of these successful businesspeople did.

June 2022