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With today’s social media, you are tempted to think that you no longer need a business card. Technology has not only changed society, but also the way we communicate. Smart phones and Internet access are normal parts of life, so conventional cards bearing business information are not practical. Or are they? Even if you live in a digital world, you still need to give out business cards. Why? Because they are the simplest way of advertising your products or services and they allow people to get on touch with you. Basically, they are strong marketing tool. However, you should not rush into printing out the cards. Even before finding a print service Toronto, you need to think about the following things.

Don’t forget about your target market

When choosing the design, it is important to take into consideration your target market. As mentioned before, the business card is a marketing tool, which is the reason why you have to think about your audience. The piece of paper that you hand over has to grab people’s attention. In other words, it does not have to look like the one you are using with business partners. On the contrary, it has to look less formal. It is important to ensure that the name of the company is visible. You can include a logo or a text message, something simple nonetheless.

Maintain the standard business card size

When it comes to business card sizes, there are many options to choose from. It is normal to want to grab attention, but choosing a size out-of-the ordinary is not a good idea. The reason why it is not a good idea is that you have no guarantee that the unusual card will be accepted. While a business card that is not the standard size will stand out, it will not fit into the card holder device. However, if you are determined to do something different, you should discuss beforehand with a printing company. This way, you will know if their machines can support the size you want.

Make sure to include the right information

You have included logos, but what about your actual business information? A business card is similar to a visiting card in the sense that it is meant as an introduction. Taking into account the fact that we live in a digital age it is not possible to not include details such as email address or the name of your online platform. The only issue is that there is too much information and not all of it can be included on the small card. Therefore, what do you put on your business card? Your name and contact details are necessary. However, so are your website and social media platforms.


This all you need to consider when designing a business card. Now that you know what needs to be done, you can start looking for a print service. A printing company will make things simple for you, which is the reason why you should work with one.


August 2022