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Staying in a strict budget when rearranging a warehouse is not as easy as many might think. However, a reconfiguration might be necessary indeed, since the dynamics of production processes and product’s characteristics continuously change and develop. Also, expanding as a business requires more space for storing products, and a crowded warehouse might prevent further development of a business. However, if you want to optimise the available space in your current warehouse, we advise you to invest in heavy duty racking systems as you rethink the layout of your building. Below you can find a couple of other useful advices.

DO go for customised storage systems

Offering the ideal storage solution for businesses in a variety of domains, racking systems can prove themselves flexible options. Furthermore, many manufacturers provide for their clients design services so they meet the requirements of the existing layout. On customised storage systems depends how efficient a reconfiguration will be, and certain companies provide design services paired with sturdy and efficient racking systems. Storage designers can make sure no available space remains unused, while making sure safety and easy access requirements are met. As services of this kind are used in your warehouse reconfiguration process, it is easier to discern between a professional remodelling process and an insipid one. As professionals can take into account your product’s characteristics, and develop solutions for easier handling and storage, your employees become efficient as well, as they become able to follow a logical flow.

DON’T use improper shelving systems

Depending on the products your company is manufacturing, make sure you order a proper solution in terms of racking systems. Companies in heavy industries can use heavy-duty storage systems, manufactured from sturdy materials, using complex manufacturing processes. For example, the previously mentioned heavy-duty racks use thick stainless steel frame, adjustable shelves, offering the possibility of storing loads up to 800 kilos per shelf. As the coordinates of your business change, so should your storage systems. Make sure you go for systems able to adapt to your business’s dynamics on long-term perspectives.

DO have in mind safety requirements

Although it might be tempting to add some extra height than your experts’ advice, make sure you take into account safety matters. As a structure grows in height, it also becomes more unstable and quickly becomes a threat to your employee’s security at work. Make sure you follow the guidelines established by manufacturers and designers, so all the safety requirements are preserved. In terms of installation, you should make sure you are working with a professional company that can guarantee for their work. Also, before pursuing further changes after having your racks installed, make sure you communicate with the company your intentions and follow their advice.

To sum up, make sure you work with a professional manufacturer in the field. They have the capacity of providing personalised design services, have all the relevant notions when it comes to safety requirements and always follow their advice. On the long run, an investment of this kind might enable further expansion of your business.

June 2022