Can you outsmart a burglar and keep your home safe?

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Levels and types of crimes are always changing – but, in general terms, the trend has been ascending. Burglaries, especially residential break-ins, are on the rise and anyone risks becoming the next victim. According to the police, thieves are getting smarter and more organized. The question now is: What can you do? If you don’t want to fall victim to burglary, consider the following suggestions. Not only can you prevent home break-ins but also keep your family protected.

Invest in a security camera

A high-tech camera can prevent burglaries. More than half of burglars will choose another target if they find a camera or boligalarm. There’s the fear of being watched, recorded, and getting caught. Install a surveillance camera and make sure it’s visible. There should be a camera at every main entrance. Make sure to enable push notifications so that you’re informed on time if someone tries to break into your home. Ideally, the security camera should have motion detection sensors. If not, at least you have footage of the event.

Keep your doors and windows locked

If you leave the door open, someone can sneak into your house and steal your varmpepumpe. Surprising as it may seem, many burglars resort to stealing heat pumps because they have valuable pieces inside. Even if there’s never been a crime in your neighborhood, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Lock the doors and windows. Equally, consider making your door kick-proof. Replace the deadbolt and tighten the hinges. Install a strike plate lock instead of a traditional door chain. 

Let the radio or TV on while you’re at work

Leave the radio or TV on to keep your furry friend company and keep intruders at bay. Burglars specifically look for homes that seem to be empty. So, making it seem as if someone is at home can make a real difference. Besides leaving on the radio or TV, you can make a recording of yourself and your loved ones yelling across the house. Prospective thieves will believe the property is occupied and won’t dare to attempt a break-in. If the house seems vacant, it’s like an open invitation for a break-in.

Keep the car parked in the driveway

A elbil-lader makes charging a car fast, straightforward, and cheap. You’re probably anxious about leaving your precious vehicle in the driveway. Ask a neighbor who has several cars to park one of them in your driveway. Why? Because burglars will think twice about breaking into your home. They’ll assume there’s no one there and try to pull a robbery. If you’re gone for more than a couple of days, ask a neighbor or a relative to park in your driveway while you’re gone.

To conclude, nobody can guarantee that your home won’t be a target. Plan ahead of time and consider making an inventory of your belongings, no matter how valuable they are. This will help the police recover the items, not to mention that it will help the insurance claims process go a lot smoother.

October 2022