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Going on a business trip can be quite stressful, because there are so many things you have to take into account and remember. Traveling, even for leisure, can always be stressful because you need to make sure you have everything you need, but when business is involved there are additional factors to take into account. For example, you need to travel as lightly as possible, taking only the strictly necessary things because you don’t want to be slowed down by heavy luggage. To help you get a grip of the situation and be in control, we’ve come up with some business travel tips that will make your life much easier.

The following business travel tips may not be suitable for everyone because there are many types of business trips as well; however, if your trip is longer or shorter, you can adjust and adapt our advices to suit your own needs and preferences. They will help you save time, money and reduce stress considerably.

  1. Packing – This can be one of the most annoying parts of the whole preparation for traveling. Unlike with leisure travel when you can pack as much as you like and need, you have to be thrifty and light on your business trip. We find that the easiest way to remember everything you need is to make lists; the list should include clothing items, including lingerie and footwear. Then you should write down any personal care products and objects you need; since you’re going on business, don’t take all your hair care products, all the makeup and so on. You need to look decent, not glamorous, unless there is a special occasion for it in your firm. Make sure you have emergency medicine in your luggage, at least something for headaches and stomach pains because they are more common. The ideal baggage doesn’t exceed the standard limit on an airline, and you don’t need to drag more than one suitcase after you. However, you can take one or two handbags, one for personal items, identification papers, cellphone and so on, and another one for your laptop and other business papers you may have.
  2. Travel documents – If you have to, check ten times whether you’ve brought your travel documents. To make sure you don’t forget them, put them in a brightly colored envelope after you print them, so you always see it. You can hold your tickets, passports, and even receipts from the trip for discounts from the firm.
  3. Remember liquid restrictions – Those who travel often are already well accustomed with all the ins and outs of traveling by plane. Usually, you’re not allowed to carry containers with a capacity larger than three ounces. If that upsets you because you are not able to bring your favorite products on the trip, perhaps you can pour them in different smaller recipients, like in small shampoo containers from hotels. There may also be websites that specialize in offering well-known brand products in smaller recipients, we’re sure that a short search on the internet will offer some results.
  4. Double-book important flights – When a certain business trip is crucial and you can’t risk being late or missing it, you can try to double-book certain tickets; thus, besides your normal ticket on your usual airline, buy another one on a different airline with the same destination, but make sure you opt for it to be fully-refundable, so you can get your money back once you’re sure your normal flight goes as planned.
  5. Travel time – While you’re waiting for your plane, car or train, you can take the time to study your paperwork or presentation some more. Don’t waste time just because you have to wait for connections, and you can even use the time on the plane to do something you like. For example, you can read a book or watch a documentary about the country you’re visiting, or something similar that helps cultivate you and expand your horizons. This practice will also help you to disconnect from the stress of traveling and what’s ahead of you on this trip.
  6. Long-term hotel rates – One of the best business travel tips for those who travel to the same destination often or constantly is to look for long-term hotel rates; some hotels may offer them, so you can save a lot of money by becoming a constant customer there.
  7. Luxury cars and planning ahead – If you want to feel as relaxed as possible when arriving at your hotel you can call ahead and ask for special items like a robe, some drinks, or a certain newspaper. When you meet important clients or prospective clients, do your best to impress them so try to look your best, make reservations at a very good restaurant and even hire a luxury car. This is just the cost of doing business, and first impressions are very important in this field.

We hope that these business travel tips will help you become more organized when traveling, and that you will not be too stressed the next time you have to travel. Once you make a routine out of it, everything will become much simpler and perhaps you’ll even enjoy being on the road.

June 2022