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More and more people strive to identify efficient ways to earn a living in order to avoid staying in the office five days a week from 9 to 5. Therefore, we can safely state that becoming an obedient employee forced to endure the lectures of a strict superior no longer represents the norm. In fact, nowadays, this traditional method of making money is not just boring, but also obsolete. From renting out an empty space like a room or the garage and exploiting personal skills to create products or services sold to consumers online to affiliate marketing and investments, those who decide to become entrepreneurs have many options at their disposal. Since real estate undoubtedly represents the most profitable industry, it easily becomes a target for those who aspire to become full-time investors. However, before taking any action, these people need to realize that such a decision comes with sacrifices and risks. Indeed, real estate investing seems a foolproof way to achieve success and financial stability, but how do you determine if you are ready for such a career?

Answer the following questions before making a decision

Before making the jump, determine if you at least master the basics of real estate investing. Do you know what type of investment do you want to approach? What draws your attention, residential, commercial or industrial real estate? Are you familiar with the rules and regulations of a 1031 exchange for rental property? You probably heard about its benefits, but what about the restrictions associated with such a transaction? Are you fully aware of the financial responsibility that full-time investors have? You practically handle money to earn a living so you need a support system, whether we are talking about family and friends motivating you or a local network including real estate investing enthusiasts who share the same objectives, you have to assess your skills objectively and find the necessary capital, unless you already have it, you have to monitor projects and realize that employees and subcontractors rely on you. Have you considered connecting with a mentor with breadth of experience in your niche?

Key elements that you need to achieve real estate investing success

Once you complete the phase where you provide concrete answers to the questions above, you should know that in order to increase the chances of achieving success in real estate investing, you need three main key elements, namely a well-thought business plan that will help you use all your resources effectively and manage risks, specialized knowledge to ensure the development of your business and capital, just like mentioned above. If you had a 9-to-5 job, but you quit because of your high hopes associated with real estate investing, then you have to be aware that you might have to bear some aches in the beginning. Make sure that your relationship with the bank is a positive one so that you enjoy financial support during this important transition. Once you embark on this journey, there is no way of turning back so analyze the advantages and disadvantages before making a final decision.

August 2022