4 Necessary Home Adjustments for Seniors Aging in Place

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While living in an assisted living facility might be convenient, not everyone wants to relocate simply because they are becoming older. More individuals are aging in place now than ever before, thanks to rising life expectancy and a plethora of favorable aspects for aging in our modern culture.

Many seniors love the facilities and laid-back atmosphere of assisted living communities, but the majority of them choose to age in place in their long-time homes and familiar surroundings. If you are getting ready to welcome a senior family member at home, continue reading to discover our house improvements for seniors aging in place.

Widen the doorways

Widening doors is a must-have home improvement for a senior who uses mobility aids like a walker or wheelchair to go about their house. The cost of expanding doors varies considerably depending on the insulation and location of electrical switches and outlets in the property, but it is a change that will greatly improve the quality of life of your senior family member.

If they need help moving around the house, even with adjustments to the doorway, consider hiring hjemmesykepleie help.


Add ramps where needed

Exterior stairs may be difficult to handle for seniors who are unstable on their feet or have balance difficulties even with hjemmehjelp, so ramps are an important home improvement that is well worth the money to provide them more independence.

Indoor threshold ramps are also required house improvements for wheelchair-bound seniors. Indoor ramps allow seamless transitions from one room to the next, making it safer to move throughout the house.

You can also find non-permanent, movable ramps on the market that are simple to set up on your own. Adding traction tape to your stairs and elevated walking surfaces is another way to improve stair safety throughout your house.

Consider bathroom modifications

Some of the most important adjustments you are going to make will be in the bathroom. If you have a bathtub, consider replacing it with a walk-in shower, which makes it much easier for a senior to enter and exit the area, as well as support themselves while they get washed.

If the bathtub can’t be replaced, consider installing safety bars, as well as a bathtub transfer bench, which enables seniors to get into the bathtub without risking any accidents.

Consider installing safety bars near the toilet as well, especially if your senior loved one is using a wheelchair and has no hjemmetjenester to help them around.


Acquire assistive technology

Assistive technology, in addition to the various house adaptations available today, can be a fantastic option that is easy to adopt and does not require permanent alterations to your home.

There are a multitude of affordable options for individuals who wish to boost the safety of their senior loved ones aging in place, ranging from medical alert, home monitoring, and activity monitoring systems to assistive seating aids. These devices allow you to monitor the wellbeing of the senior and will alert you if something is not right.

August 2022