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The benefits offered to employees are the ones that differentiate various companies from each other and what makes them successful. Even though some employers might be reluctant to offer all the benefits their employees might want because of the costs involved, the fact is that a motivated employee is more likely to work harder and obtain better results for the company. Here are a few benefits that all employers should consider offering:


Dental care

While healthcare is something most business owners offer, dental care is often not included in their benefit plan. However, having dental care is something that all people can appreciate, especially when they have a tooth ache that would normally require their entire month’s payment to treat. Companies can negotiate a good deal with certain dental clinics or they can simply find a place with excellent services. You can visit accoladedental.com for more information about dental care plans for your employees.


Commuter benefits

Unlike dental care and other health benefits that are pricier, although very necessary, commuter benefits will cost the company relatively little and all employees will appreciate. Considering that the average person needs to drive or take a bus to work, at the end of the month these costs do add up. However, for the employer these benefits are considered tax-free, so both the employer and the employee can benefit from them.


Paid days off

Even though Canadian law does offer 10 days off to employees, most people need a little more than this in order to regain their energy and take their mind off their jobs for a change. Most people feel the need to escape their work for more than just a long weekend and by offering your employees even a few days extra, they will certainly be motivated to remain at your company and aim to make it successful and profitable.


Sponsored child-care

So many mothers have problems in finding an affordably nanny to leave their children with in order to go back to work. If your company has enough mothers, a great idea would be to start a day-care for the employees. It would be a great way to thank them for their hard work and they would have the chance to visit their children during their breaks and not worry about the person they are leaving them with at home. There are many studies that show that employees are more likely to work harder when they feel that their efforts are appreciated and this is certainly something that would not remain unnoticed.


All in all, these are just a few benefits that every employer should consider offering. While they don’t have to offer all of them, depending on the situation every one of them could have a major impact on their employees mood. Dental benefits are definitely on the top of the list, but if your company headquarters are outside the town and most workers need to commute, by offering them commuter benefits they would certainly be more motivated to be as productive as possible.


June 2022