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Dealing with endless piles of paper, with no idea how to organize them? If yes, then it’s time to change how you store documents. There are so many routines you can follow to reduce paperwork and increase efficiency. You see, bad paperwork storage isn’t just a hassle to organize. It’s also a hassle to sift through, if you’re looking for an important document.

For Example…

Say you’re a boss – and you’ve got a report to check. With a busy schedule, you might choose to read it later. So you put it into a paper-stuffed drawer.

Later on, the process of recovering that document will be difficult. You’ll waste minutes inefficiently looking through piles of paper, just to find the report.

And beyond wasting time, it’s exhausting, and it saps your energy. So organizing paperwork is key, whether it be in a desk or a storage cabinet. And this is something we’ll help you with. Below, we’ll mention 5 effective ways to store company paperwork. With the following 3 techniques, your efficiency will skyrocket, saving many hours a day!

(1) Digitize What You Can.

Reports, memos, and letters should be digitized. Make sure that your company (or department) uses email and computer for all interactions. You see, it’s easier to store endless paperwork on a computer, than in a drawer. And the process of searching takes less time too. A search bar and a few keywords will help you find the documents you need.

Specialized Apps for Company Information.

Info like trade secrets, business strategies, and others can be traded across a specialized app. Hire a programmer to design you one just for the company. Ensure that it is password protected, only accessible by select personnel. This technique not only works for storing important documents. But it also works as a way of archiving possible plans and meeting info too!

(2) Use Cloud Storage Systems.

After digitizing your documents, it’s time to upload to a cloud. Only upload documents that are intended for use by company personnel. But here, you should be a bit conservative. Important or secret documents should not go onto the cloud. You can keep them as normal paper, or in a personal application

Google Drive.

A good option for many companies and individuals. It’s popular, and many people use it frequently. Google Drive has an interesting index feature. It lets you search files you store on it, just like you would in a Google search bar! Basically, any employee familiar with Google search should be familiar with this system.


Another common cloud storage system. Dropbox is less used than Google Drive, but it shares a lot of features with it. For example, both let you share files with ease on them. They also let you access files directly from computer (provided that you’re connected to the internet)

Why Cloud Software is Excellent.

Cloud storage doesn’t just store documents. But it also accepts audio files and videos! You can record conferences and meetings, storing them there for revisions. So those who miss out on meetings can catch up with the details.

Video storage allows you to communicate material to graphic departments in your company. For example, animators in ad design companies can exchange visual info on cloud!

(3) Keep as Paper What You Can’t Store – But…

You need a system in place to organize the documents. You have to organize documents by date and purpose. And there will be a lot of documents that you cannot digitize. They include certain receipts, memos, letters, sales contracts, or employee documentation.

Also, they include physical backups of “important company information.” An example of that would be VIP clients. Now, when storing stuff as paper, you’ll need to expand storage space over time. For now, maybe a series of cabinets does the job. But later down the line, you’ll need larger storage spaces. You might need an entire room, preferably with locks and keys, just to store your documents.

I See – Any Recommendations?

Yes! We recommend you consider the idea of a storage unit! By renting a storage unit, you can store mass amounts of important documents securely. You can store both confidential and everyday records that you need.

And the best part is that they’re well protected too!

To find one, head online, and search storage units near you.This should give you a variety of warehouses within reach of your company’s offices. By renting a storage unit, you save space, while securely storing important paperwork!




August 2022